stratonhunter capabilities

We use Three Pillars to establish Collaborative partnerships

We aim to create collaborative partnerships with our clients for the purpose of guiding organizations into a transformational culture of change with a focus on growth.

Hosted Strategic Planning Sessions

Guiding organizations to create high-performing executive teams and boost revenue through a blend of our proprietary processes and extensive in-house capabilities.

Strategic Planning is the most crucial formal planning process in a company’s growth success. Conceptually, the process is very simple – a progress narrowing of Strategic Choices that lead to a desired outcome. The StratonHunter process ensures the correct Strategic Choices are discussed. This can only take place when qualified executives engage in creative and innovative thinking. The StratonHunter formal Strategic Planning process ensures executives will devote time to strategic thinking. A well-designed Strategic Planning session will increase the odds of executives producing the innovative, creative Strategic Choices that lead to a company’s future success.

Management Consulting

Collaborative partnerships that nurture growth opportunities and create transformational organizational change.

We streamline your operations to facilitate an organizational culture of change, innovation, and accountability. We utilize our Senior Leadership’s extensive food industry background to identify internal opportunities in your organization to achieve success. Our team understands the capabilities needed to produce and foster high-performing teams, leadership, and organizational culture.

Private Equity

Providing growth opportunities to emerging brands, guiding acquisitions and providing financial resources through private equity partnerships.

We provide guidance on organizational strategy while helping to secure financing that will facilitate growth and expansion. Establishing equity partnerships, securing ownership, acquiring brands and overseeing buy/sell arrangements.

Our Clients Include