New Realities: An Exclusive Report


Covid-19: Impact & Future

This report by The StratonHunter Group contains critical information on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the Foodservice Industry in North America.  It includes an overview of the key economic impacts and recovery scenarios, a review of current market conditions in the US & Canada, a review of key consumer behaviour shifts in food, and a review of the top 10 industry trends from our expert panel of industry insiders.

This report is available for purchase to help guide your company through these unprecedented times.


  • Executive Summary
  • CEO Feedback: Restaurant Leaders Speak Out
  • Economic Overview
    • Employment Impact: US & Canada
    • Inflation Impact: US & Canada
    • Supply and Demand Balance
    • Recovery Scenarios
    • Forecast
  • Consumer Impact
    • Panic Buying
    • Change in Retail Sales
    • Online Traffic
    • Grocery Delivery
    • Forecast
  • Foodservice Impact (Restaurant Canada Data)
    • Economic Impact
    • Operational Challenges
    • Dollar Declines-Canada and US
    • Segment Impacts
    • Forecast
  • Top 10 Trends

Economic Impact

      1. Operational Challenges
      2. Dollar Declines-Canada and US
      3. Segment Impacts
      4. Forecast

Changing Landscape

      1. Ghost Kitchens
      2. Meal Kits
      3. Brand Trust
      4. Shifting Media Mix
      5. A Digitized Pandemic
      6. Rebalancing the Portfolio

Report Authors

This report has been authored by a hand-picked panel of industry experts.  Each individual brings decades of industry experience and a unique perspective on how this pandemic affects foodservice, and what actions can be taken to improve results.

Robert Carter Managing Partner, The StratonHunter Group
Industry lead and advocate. Former Executive Director of Foodservice at NPD Canada.
Sergei Korolev
Marketing Executive and Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Consultant.
Dan Eldridge Founder at Stockpot Consulting
Former Senior Manager of Marketing & Insights, Weston Foods.
Tara Naz Freelance Consumer Insights & Analytics Professional
Former Director of Strategy & Insights at McDonald’s Canada
Rob Liver VP Business Intelligence, The StratonHunter Group
Former Executive Director, Product Management for Canada & Mexico at The NPD Group.
Jorge Zaidan Founder at WeRide & Co.
Former Head of Marketing, Tim Hortons Canada.

Report Partners