COVID-19 Rapid Response

It all starts with understanding where you are. What does your restaurant brand mean in the new market? What is the damage to your value position and market share? Is your business model relevant today? What are the opportunities to evolve in the new market conditions?

State of the Nation

The first step is to understand the new market. StratonHunter's State of the Nation presentation is an up to the minute snapshot of the current Restaurant landscape in Canada and the US, utilizing numerous data sources from multiple industries to fully understand the shock that hit the Restaurant landscape and to learn about the new consumer expectations and market realities.

Strategic Planning Process

We have condensed our popular Strategic Planning Session into a RAPID RESPONSE process designed for quick turnaround. Our single focus is to identify and re-aligning your business objects to the new market conditions in our ACTION PLAN roadmap. The backbone of StratonHunter is our Strategic Planning Process.

Innovation Implementation

The process of innovation is the main reason some Operators will flourish and others will struggle in the new market realities. The StratonHunter team works to implement the innovation processes, technology, business strategy and overall culture shift to successful implement your StratonHunter Strategic Action Plan.

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This program includes a State of the Nation -COVID-19 Impact presentation. A vast collection of consumer, business and government data analyzed and presented in a Market Overview.   Presentation Authors:
  • Jorge Zaidan, MBA and Former Head of Marketing, Tim Hortons, Accenture, Manager Strategic Projects
  • Tara Naz, MBA and Former Director Strategy & Insights, McDonalds.¬† Kraft, Consumer Insight Director
  • Dan Eldridge, MBA and Former Senior Manager, Marketing&Insights, Weston Foods
  • Robert Carter, BA and past Executive Director, Foodservice, The NPD Group
  • Rob Liver, BComm and Former Executive Director, Product Management, The NPD Group