Strategic Planning

A solid Strategic Plan is the backbone of a successful organization.  As of March 14, 2020, your existing Strategy Plan became obsolete. Today’s landscape is uncharted. Yesterday’s business models will fail.  New Strategies are needed to evolve the entire organization to new market conditions.

The restaurant market In Canada and US is $800 billion.  Understanding the dynamics of changing food behaviour and how the consumer trends and market conditions affect your Foodservice business, from Chain Restaurants, Food Tech, Manufacturing to Distribution, the StratonHunter team are the foremost experts in the industry with years of analytical, Operational and Strategy Planning for the foodservice industry’s largest Tech, Operators and Manufacturers.

Rapid Response

Analytics, data, market insights, strategy planning, operational excellence, streamlined resources, highly functional communication, relevance, focus, vision.

All of these terms will be part of your recovery plan.

Our RAPID RESPONSE ACTION PLAN is your first step.