About us

The StratonHunter Group gives you unparalleled access to foodservice industry expertise. We consult and advise industry leaders as well as accelerate high growth organizations. Through active involvement in the media and foodservice industry we work with our clients to implement programs that meet and exceed revenue expectations.

Robert Carter, Managing Partner

Robert Carter is Canada’s leading restaurant and foodservice expert with over 20 years of unique industry experience spanning operations, strategy, marketing and consumer research. As Managing Partner of The StratonHunter Group, Robert leads a portfolio of high growth companies in the restaurant and food-tech industry by developing strategic growth plans to increase market share, establish operational efficiencies, lead organizational change initiatives and secure growth capital.
Get in touch with robert.carter@stratonhunter.com for a free consultation.

Rob Liver, VP Business Intelligence

Rob Liver brings over 20 years helping companies make better business decisions using data. He has launched industry tracking services across a variety of industries both in Canada and internationally. He has expertise across a range of market research methodologies. Rob is skilled at building teams and processes that exceed expectations and deliver results.
Get in touch with r.liver@stratonhunter.com for a free consultation.
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